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6 Social Media Tips You Need to Know

Social media has so much to offer and local businesses in the Philippines are missing out on revenue if they aren’t taking full advantage of it. These 6 social media tips will help you maximize your marketing.

1. Know what time is the best time to tweet

There are some solid rules about when the best time to tweet is and which days are best. Look at your Twitter Analytics and determine when you get the most activity and interaction on your feed then plan your upcoming tweets to work around those ‘optimal’ times.

2. Ask Questions on Your Facebook Page

Ask a question, get a response. Questions are excellent conversation starters and they are also a good way to do a little market research. Turn a picture into questions, and your questions to scheduled posts. Choose a trending topic and include a hashtag, then watch your interaction go through the roof. Your hashtags are a key way to draw people to your page.

3. Update or Edit Facebook Posts

It’s a breeze to edit your posts on Facebook, which makes it easy to add to an existing post. For example, let’s say you ran a contest and now you have your winner. You can simply edit the original post and add who won the contest. It’s the easiest way to validate your Facebook giveaway too.

4. Spend Time on Twitter Interacting

It’s important for you to have a presence on your social media channels and that includes more than just posting. On Twitter, rather than just tweeting respond to tweets your followers have made, you’ll be amazed at how this can really grow interested and followers. It’s a great way to connect with your Filipino followers and they feel like you are truly connecting with them.

5. Go for a Branded URL

The shortened URL, like, is pretty standard these days. But you can take it even further and create a branded URL that will keep your website or brand in the minds of your visitors. It also helps you to create tracking information (also known as UMT) that can be very valuable in helping you make sound decisions.

6. Have a Good Call to Action

Whether you want your visitor to buy something, say something, explore something or do something you need a good call to action to get them to act in the way you want. For example, save 40% by entering the code “Save40Today”.

These 6 tips will help you to make the most out of your social media.



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